Religious School

Temple Shaarei Shalom
Religious School
“A Meaningful Jewish Education” 

Rabbi Anthony Fratello
Cantor Judith Borden Ovadia

Mission Statement

The mission of the Religious School is to educate students in all aspects of Judaism, enabling them to make informed choices and shape their Jewish identity within the Reform community and Jewish community at large. 

We will fulfill the mission statement using the following guidelines: 


Creating a positive attitude toward prayer and worship through mastery of significant blessings, prayers and songs and give our students skills so they may engage in meaningful worship in the synagogue. 

Ethics and Values 

Appreciating the contribution of Jewish tradition and how it can influence one’s personal life; applying the values of our Jewish heritage to issues of personal living in today’s complex world. 


Instilling a positive appreciation of ceremony in a religious life (traditions) through familiarity with the Jewish religious calendar; developing personal habits of ceremonial observance and through actively participating in a wide array of Jewish practice.  

The Hebrew Language

Developing an appreciation and concern for the special importance of the Hebrew language in the life of the Jewish people in the United States, in Israel and the world over. Exposing the students to the Hebrew language and encouraging its use in prayer and as a living language. 

The Bible 

Developing in the students a habit and a desire to read the Bible as a source of inspiration and to gain appreciation of its religious and cultural values through a familiarity with selected elements of Biblical literature.  

Klal Israel -The Jewish People 

Developing a sense of identification with the Jewish people and actively participating in all aspects of the Jewish community; acquiring knowledge of Jewish life in America, past and present; understanding the importance of the State of Israel and its history. 


Developing a personal religious orientation and commitment through an understanding of the problems that have universally concerned mankind; studying how the Jewish people have dealt with these problems in the past and the importance of Reform Judaism’s contributions in this important area. 

Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation is provided by the Rabbi and Cantor during an additional time slot, beginning 6 months prior to Bar/Bat Mitzvah 

All students are expected to continue their post B’nei Mitzvah studies through Confirmation in the tenth grade.