Youth Group

TSS has a thriving youth community, which is growing in new and exciting ways all the time! We are a social, cultural, and educational program that seeks to fuse learning and fun.

Our mission statement, created by our very own teens is "STARY seeks to motivate, empower and facilitate a sense of belonging and identity for Jewish teens in the Boynton Beach area through the promotion of Jewish learning, the provision of meaningful social experiences and by providing a safe, nurturing and supportive local environment that provides a seamless connection to the Jewish community at large."

Both STARY and STARY Jr. provide the opportunity for young Jews to HAVE FUN, enjoy being Jewish, and have positive, meaningful experiences that benefit them and the world around them. 

In between Hebrew School session (6:15pm-6:45pm) on Wednesday evenings, our Youth Group offers the "STARY Shuk" - Snacks, Drinks, and Pizza!
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Contact us at 561-364-9054 ext. 214 or email 

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