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Affiliated with the Union for Reform Judaism, our Temple is a full-service Congregation dedicated to the dynamic interpretation of Judaism. We are a caring Congregation, sharing in each other’s joys and sorrows as we journey through the cycles of life.


We take great pride in our accomplishments and look toward the future with spring in our hearts and buoyancy in our spirit and vision. We are a growing, involved congregation with a full schedule of activities.


The purposes of the Congregation are to (a) establish and maintain a synagogue for worship, education, and assembly in accordance with the tenets of Reform Judaism; (b) cultivate love and understanding of the Jewish faith and heritage; (c) stimulate fellowship in the Jewish community; and (d) apply principles of Reform Judaism to the values and conduct of its members.


Temple Shaarei Shalom was founded in May 1992 by 18 people who expressed the need for a Reform congregation in the West Boynton Beach area. They each contributed seed money and met at Santaluces Community High School for Shabbat Services. Early in 1996, as the membership grew to over 200, the Congregation moved to a building at the Boynton Trails Shopping Center. In 1999, the Congregation voted to purchase land and, at the beginning of 2000, voted to build a new temple building, which opened its doors in June 2002. By 2003, the need for additional space caused the Congregation to begin plans for expansion. In 2009, with almost 600 members, an additional 18,000 square feet was completed and named The Tendrich Center for Lifelong Learning. From a core group of 18, we have grown over 450 member households.


May 1992

18 families from Temple Torah of Boynton Beach break away to start “The Reform Temple of Boynton Beach.”

July 1992

Norman Bleshman (z”l) becomes the first president of the Congregation.

Fall 1992

The first High Holiday Services are held at the Holiday Inn. Rabbi Samuel Jaffe (z”l) is hired part-time by the Congregation to conduct Friday night and Holiday services at Santaluces High School.

December 1992

News and Views is published for the first time. The Congregation acquires a Torah for $4,000.

Fall 1993

Cantor Anne Newman is engaged by the Congregation.

July 1994

John Rosenfield (z”l) becomes the second president of the Congregation.

November 1995

The Temple joins the UAHC (Union of American Hebrew Congregations), now known as the URJ—Union for Reform Judaism.

March 1996

The Congregation moves into 9776-D South Military Trail, which will be the Temple’s home for the next six years.

July 1996

Abe Bressler becomes the third president of the Congregation.

September 1996

At the behest of Rabbi Jaffe, the Congregation adds a Hebrew name and becomes “The Reform Temple, Shaarei Shalom.”

February 1997

The Congregation adds a lay led Saturday Morning Service once a month.

March 1997

The Congregation celebrates the first Bar Mitzvah, Joshua Horton, on Friday Night, March 14th.

July 1998

Murray Schneier becomes the fourth president of the Congregation.

September 1998

The Temple’s second Torah is dedicated.

August 1999

The Congregation begins its “Year of Four Rabbis” led by Rabbis Herb Baumgarten, Richard Leviton, Ralph Kingsley, and Anthony Fratello.

December 1999

The Congregation votes to hire Cantor Karen Braunstein.

April 2000

The Congregation votes to hire Rabbi Anthony Fratello, who formally begins in mid-June.

Fall 2000

The Reform Temple, Shaarei Shalom opens a Religious School. Marilyn Brand is hired as Director of Education, and the school opens with 23 students meeting at Crystal Lakes Elementary.

September 2000

The Congregation begins to have an Intergenerational Shabbat Service once a month on the Second Friday Night of the month.

September 2000

Unanticipated growth leads to the Congregation having to rent space in an adjacent movie theater for parallel High Holiday Services.

December 2000

Ceremonial grounbreaking takes place at Hagen Ranch Road site.

January 2001

Arthur Abravanel (z”l) becomes the fifth president of the Congregation.

Spring 2001

Construction begins at Hagen Ranch Road site.

September 2001

Due to continued growth of the Congregation, High Holiday Services are held in the auditorium of the new Boynton Beach High School on Gateway Boulevard.

October 2001

The Congregation celebrates the Bar Mitzvah of Daniel Wallach, the Temple’s first Religious School student.

December 2001

The Congregation votes to drop “The Reform” from its name. The Congregation is now known simply as “Temple Shaarei Shalom.”

June 2002

The Temple moves into its permanent home at 9085 Hagen Ranch Road. Grant Dubler becomes the first student to celebrate becoming Bar Mitzvah in the new building.

September 2002

New Bema furniture designed by member Rudy Romberg (z”l) is delivered, and High Holiday Services are held in the new building for the first time.

January 2003

Lewis Doctor becomes the sixth president of the Congregation.

September 2003

The Congregation begins to have weekly Saturday Morning Services with weekly Torah study on Saturday mornings.

September 2003

With so many students in the Religious School, Sunday morning Religious School for 4th-7th grade is moved to Christa McAuliffe Middle School.

October 2004

The Congregation hires David Ginsberg as the first Youth Group Director. STARY (Shaarei Shalom Temple Active Reform Youth) is formed as a part of NFTY.

January 2005

Joan Milowe becomes the seventh president of the Congregation.

Spring 2005

The Congregation celebrates its “Bar Mitzvah” with Temple Shaarei Shalom’s Gala Weekend.

June 2005

On Shavuot, the Congregation celebrates its first Confirmation with just one student, Kathryn Merlino.

Fall 2006

The Congregation launches a $3 Million Capital Campaign to expand its existing facilities and add a new 2-story building for the Religious School.

May 2007

Marilyn Brand retires. During her seven years of service, the Religious school grows from 23 students to 150.

July 2007

Miriam Schaffer is hired as the Director of Education.

January 2008

Robert Kesten becomes the eighth president of the Congregation.

June 2008

At Shavuot, the Temple’s third Torah is dedicated as a gift of Jim and Penny Walzer.

December 2008

The Congregation sponsors its first trip to Israel.

January 2009

The Congregation begins offering Tot Shabbat once a month for children ages 2-8.

June 2009

The Temple’s 18,000 sq. ft. expansion is completed.

July 2009

The Congregation votes to hire Cantor Aaron Kaplan.

Fall 2009

Membership tops 640 families with 300 children enrolled in Religious School.

October 2009

The new Tendrich Center is dedicated with a gala weekend.

January 2010

Irwin Wecker becomes the ninth president of the Congregation.

November 2010

The Congregation celebrates its first Grand Shabbat.

August 2011

The Religious School welcomes its first Pre-K class of students.

January 2012

The Congregation celebrates its second Grand Shabbat.

May 2012

The Youth Group receives the Collaborative Judaic Program Award.

Fall 2012

The Congregation, along with Temple Torat Emet, creates a Jewish Adult Education Collaboration to serve the local community.

January 2013

The Congregation sponsors its First Annual “Minyan at the Komen” at the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.

July 2013

Caryn Feldman becomes the tenth president of the Congregation.

Fall 2013

The Congregation sponsors its second trip to Israel.

July 2014

The Congregation votes to hire Cantor Judith Ovadia.

September 2014

The Temple’s fourth Torah is dedicated as a gift of Leonard and Elaine Schoenfeld, made in memory of Jacqueline Pearl Kirsh.

Fall 2014

The Congregation launches a $1.8 million “Mortgage Reduction Campaign.”

April 2015

The Congregation celebrates its 23rd Birthday Weekend with Scholar-in-Residence Rabbi Jeffrey Salkin.

April 2016

The Congregation celebrates its 24th Birthday Weekend with Scholar-in-Residence Dr. Robert Watson.

May 2016

Miriam Schaffer retires. During her nine years of service to Temple Shaarei Shalom, the Religious School grows to become the largest in North-Central Palm Beach County.

July 2016

Joshua Ackman, MAJE, is hired as Director of Education.

Fall 2016

Now in its fourth year, the ADJLC (Adult Jewish Learning Collaboration) has grown to include five Synagogues. In recognition of the Collaborative nature of the ADJLC, the program earns the support of the Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County.

November 2016

After more than 15 years of service as Administrator of the Congregation, Linda Gulko retires. Caryn Feldman moves from her role as president and becomes the next Administrator of the Congregation. Lisa Cuthbertson becomes the eleventh president of the congregation.

May 2017

The Congregation celebrates its 25th Birthday Weekend with Scholars-in-Residence Rabbi Anthony Fratello and Rabbi Joanna Tract.

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