Adult Education

Education at TSS is a lifelong opportunity. TSS offers adult education through Rabbi’s study classes, Torah study, guest speakers, scholar in residence programs, travel, and informal ongoing experiences. In addition, TSS offers the opportunity to study and become an adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

The ADJLC began in 2012 has a collaboration with Temple Torah (now known as Temple Torat Emet). In 2015, Temple Beth Tikvah joined the collaboration. Now the ADJLC is expanding to four Collaboration synagogues: Temple Shaarei Shalom, Temple Torat Emet, Temple Beth Tikvah, and Temple Beth Kodesh. Continuing the practice of life-long learning, Temple Shaarei Shalom, independently, offers ongoing opportunities to study Torah and special learning programs throughout the year. As part of the ADJLC, the community has the opportunity to take courses, Wednesday lectures, Sunday Distinguished Lectures, and participate in Book Clubs in Judaic topics, art, technology, study to become an Adult B’nei Mitzvah and many more subject areas.

Please check for program updates for at
after September 21, 2021

Jay LevineAdult Education