Parent Teacher Organization

The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) welcomes all members of the Congregation. The objective of the PTO is to facilitate activities and communication that will enhance the Religious School experience of our children. The PTO develops and implements programs to promote community and provides additional resources for the educational program.

Members can actively support this objective by:


  • Providing opportunities for raising funds to help support the Religious School.

Religious and Educational

  • Creating holiday-related, interactive Onegs for Family Shabbat Services.
  • Working with the Educational Director to enrich programs.
  • Providing special equipment to broaden instructional opportunities.


  • Breakfast meeting one Sunday morning a month.

Bonnie Osowsky PTO Co-President

Rebecca Aling PTO Co-President

Lisa Polakoff-Rubin PTO Treasurer

Alysha Siman PTO Secretary

Jay LevineParent Teacher Organization