TICHON Program for Eighth Through Twelfth Graders

Adolescence is a very unique time and distinct from the experiences of childhood or adulthood. After the pressures and joys of the Bar or Bat Mitzvah ceremony, students often toe the line between thinking their journey has ended and a craving for more knowledge and experiences.

We have created the TICHON program to meet the needs of teens, unplug from their busy schedules to offer them a chance to build on their Jewish identities with their peers, and engage in experiences that will leave lifetime memories. Temple Shaarei Shalom’s one-of-a-kind leadership development program is designed as a creative, fun experience for teens to enrich their preparation for college and the bright futures ahead of them.

As part of our TICHON program, your teen will act as a Madrich/a (Teen Helper) in a classroom where s/he will play an integral part in the experience and education of our younger students, while being part of a leadership training program run by our Education Director and Youth Director. They will learn leadership skills, classroom management skills, and have a lot of fun, all while earning community service hour requirements that can be used towards graduation or scholarship requirements. Your teen may volunteer on Wednesday evening, Sunday morning, OR BOTH!

Not only will your teen be a role model for our younger students and help them in their studies, as part of TICHON, your teen will haveĀ a variety of elective choices to engage with. Some previous examples of electives are:

  • Being me- Surviving in the World. How to use Judaism to help make ethical decisions
  • How does Hollywood tackle Anti-Semitism?
  • Purim Shpiel Playwrights
  • Modern Israel and Conversational Hebrew
  • Creativity in Judaism- Art, Music, & Poetry
  • Jewish Food from Around the World